FlipGrid Summer Workouts

Athletes should download the app (can also access on a computer or tablet) FlipGrid and join our grid by clicking below:


Each athlete’s ID is the following:

Varsity and JV players from last year should use their jersey number. If it is a single number, put a 0 in front of it. For example, #2 would have an ID number of 02.

Players from C-Team last year should put a 0 after their number. So if a player was #5, they would be 050.

Incoming Freshmen, I will assign you an ID and send it to you or your parents via email (whoever’s contact information I have)

We will do a workout/skills every Tuesday and Thursday of June. Athletes will be expected to post within 2 days. For example, Tuesday’s workout will be posted by midnight on Monday and is open until Midnight on Wednesday. Thursdays workout becomes available at Midnight on Wednesday and should be submitted by Midnight on Friday.